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You have some great ideas. But they don’t seem to get out into the public. Your thoughts are worthy and useable. But nobody seems to repost, share or retweet. It can get discouraging and it’s easy to begin to believe that what you have to say doesn’t really matter.

Don’t let your mind go there. Maintaining a healthy thought process is vital for you to keep your energy up and your outlook positive. Yes, there’s a lot of information out there, and yes, it can feel like you’re being pushed aside. But don’t allow yourself to fall prey to “victim thinking.” If you need or want something you’re going to have to say it. You’re going to have to ask. You’re going to have to shake things up a bit. Whatever is is that you want or need, give it to others.

You want retweets? Then retweet. You need encouragement? Encourage others. You want to be noticed? Then begin to notice those around you. They all want the same things. And when you start to take action, you will reap what you sow. You will be generating energy around your own goals.

You will find that as you reach out, you will overcome your discouragement and fear. As you help others, you will be helping yourself. This is a great philosophy for all aspects of life, and has a powerful impact on your productivity, your stress levels and your levels of optimism. Don’t be shy. Go make some noise. Give yourself away and you will find that there’s more of you than you thought and your business will thank you.

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