When you put yourself in one camp [Right] and someone else in the other camp [Wrong] you are creating unnecessary division and setting yourself up for failure~often public failure. Once you allow yourself to act out of unexamined emotion or reflexive defensiveness, you create a mess that often needs to be cleaned up with more unexamined emotional and reflexive defensiveness. You drive yourself deeper into the Right camp and your “enemy” deeper into the Wrong camp. Now you are no longer looking for what is the best solution for all, but for personal and professional survival.

You become a player in your own personal video game. You just start shooting until everyone else is dead. And no one wins.

You absolutely must begin to develop a personal grounding practice. This does not mean that you keep surrounding yourself with “Yes men” and driving yourself deeper into your “Right Camp.” You spend time developing your connection the the Source of all things and in the knowledge that you are connected to all that is. It then becomes easier to see things from multiple angles and develop strategies that move you toward the best solution, rather than the one that makes you look good. The latter is fear based and is temporary. Any time you are operating out of fear, you are ultimately going to be ineffective.

The leader must be fearless. Fearless. But also wise and compassionate and decisive.

Fear is a reactive and lazy response. The leader must be able to let the surrounding noise become a distant din, and let the still small voice of wisdom within become the driving force for developing a response.

Developing a strong internal locus of control takes focus and practice. Taking a deep breath and detaching from the noise, drama and fear, also takes practice. Developing these practices will not only make you a better, more effective leader, but will save you time and cleanup, creating more productivity in the long run. We, as leaders, mustreconnect with wisdom and restraint. The other outcome is just plain unthinkable.

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Originally published on LinkedIn.

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