I step out on the porch while it’s still dark. I breathe in the virgin aromas of morning: the damp grass, the cool morning air, and listen to the crickets. The moon is still out and the remaining stars are scattered in the sky; and possibilites extend as far as the imagination will allow.

It’s in the silence that I can truly rest. No one is clamoring for my attention and in this moment, there is nothing that needs to be accomplished. I can just be.

And when I can just be, I am consiously connecting to all that is eternal and strong and true. From that place, I draw my strength and purpose. I can experience new mercies from my creator and a clean slate for a brand new day. Yesterday is gone. This present moment is all there is.

Pregnant with possibilities, while love and new ideas bubble up within me, this moment is bursting to be fulfilled. I breathe in slowly, savoring the calm and joyful expectation, then breathe out regret, disappointment and fear. None of these has anything to do with me. They belong to yesterday and tomorrow, neither of which exist. They are a fantasy, whose only purpose is to block the flow of today.

As I fill myself up with this moment, breathing in the fresh air, fueling up for the day, I allow the ideas to begin to percolate and the engine of my brain begins to purr. I carry this truth with me throughout the day, knowing that nothing can harm my soul, nothing can derail my purpose, nothing can knock me off balance because I am one with all there is.

Join me for a silent retreat in the beautiful Virginia countryside, and experience the magic for yourself.

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