Have you ever been told, “It’s not about you?”

My guess is that you’ve probably even said it to someone else at some time or other. And it hurts, doesn’t it? You’ve been told to “shut up and sit down” so often that sometimes it’s just easier to…well, to back off and shut down. It hurts less. There’s less conflict. It seems easier. But in the long run, it wears you down.

I’m here to tell you that it IS about you. It’s all about you. All of it. The world you live in, the thoughts you think, the colors you like, the amount of money you make, the way that you feel, the job that you have, or don’t have, and the people in your life. You matter. Your thoughts are important. Your opinion is worthy. You are loved.

Just because it doesn’t feel that way sometimes, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

The truth is that you are one with the creator of the universe. You are love and joy and peace personified. You are creative and wise and surrounded by abundance. Maybe you’ve just never had anyone explain to you how to tap into that reality.

You can start now and your life can begin to change in an instant by following a few simple principles.

  1. Remember that you are not looking outside of yourself any more for validation. Other people’s opinions are more about them than about you. You already have everything you need within you to live an abundant, joyful life. You are developing an internal locus of control. If your locus of control is outside of yourself in things, people, possessions, opinions, you will never find peace and joy. Everything outside of yourself is changeable and temporary. YOU are not temporary. You are eternal.
  2. To tap into that joy and abundance, it’s as simple as plugging into your creator. Sit with your breath slowing going in and out. Over and over. Focus on how the breath feels, where it comes from, where it goes. The breath is how close your creator is…even closer, really. Breathe him in and blow out the stress, anger, loneliness, irritation, hate. Allow yourself to feel his arms around you and the love within you. Do this periodically throughout the day. When your mind wanders, which it will, just gently bring yourself back to the breath…in and out.
  3. List three things you are grateful for before you get out of bed in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. What you focus on increases. If you focus on what’s wrong, you’ll just attract more stuff going wrong. If you focus on what is good and lovely and that you are thankful for, you will find that joy increases.

Everytime you are tempted to feel hurt, offended, irritated, or judgmental, just step back emotionally and take a breath and remind yourself of who you are and who’s in charge and how amazing you really are. If you keep up these simple daily practices, it won’t be long before you’ll see happy changes in your life.

Un-Leashed: Practical Steps to Get your Life Unstuck by Marianne Clyde

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