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When your computer is sluggish, after complaining and whining for a while, you probably look up solutions online and go straight to one of the tried and true solutions. You uninstall unnecessary programs; you de-fragment; you delete temporary files; you upgrade your server; you increase your memory (RAM) capacity; you get rid of unused large files that run in the background; or you just clean out your computer by vacuuming out the dust. (FOX NEWS Tech)

So, why then, when we feel sluggish and unproductive, do we often get stuck at the whining and complaining stage, when increasing our energy levels are also straight forward?

  1. Uninstall unnecessary programs like negativity, anger, bitterness, resentment, guilt, fear. These emotions are normal from time to time, but to hang onto them when they just drag you down, is slowing down your entire brain. You become inefficient and scattered in your thinking, unable to accomplish what you need to accomplish.
  2. Delete those temporary files through forgiveness. Let that stuff go. Forgiveness never means that you weren’t hurt or betrayed or falsely accused. It doesn’t mean that the other person wasn’t at fault. It doesn’t mean that what was done to you was ok. It just means that you are releasing the need to hold onto anger and bitterness. This creates more space and energy in your brain for you to function properly. It essentially defragments your thinking.
  3. Vacuum out the dust with deep breaths. When you are stressed, your breathing gets shallow and your heart beat increases, thus limiting your physical efficiency to accomplish your tasks. When you breathe in deeply from the diaphragm, hold it for a few seconds and release the breath completely, you are allowing that life giving oxygen to circulate thoroughly throughout your body and releasing the toxins that reman inside of you, creating an environment for anxiety, heart disease, depression, cancer, and even just the common cold. That stuff really slows you down!

I had recently spent a lot of time in the whining, complaining stage with my computer. I was constantly re-starting the computer, plugging and un-plugging the modem, and spending time of the phone with my internet provider (who doesn’t LOVE to do that?!) Until I finally had enough sense to call Apple. In about 3 seconds, the tech says, “So what Operating System are you using? Oh, you just need to update to a newer system. It’s free.”

So, here I am, suggesting to you, that you just need to upgrade your Operating System. It’s free. It just as simples as an upgrade on your computer. You pay attention to the negative and angry responses and learn to stop them in their tracks. You notice when someone offends you and release that burden right away. It was never meant for you to carry. Other people’s inconsiderate, or unhealthy thought processes really have nothing to do with you. Let it go. You matter. Your efficiency and productivity matter. Never leave that in the hands of someone else. It’s always your choice. Always.

And my mantra. Claim it as your own. “Just breathe…”

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