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Nope. We have never been guaranteed safety. No building. No gathering. No park. No relationship. Never.

However, because we have become accustomed to the many blessings that we have, and the relative safety of our environments, we have come to expect certain things. We have taken those blessing for granted. We are experiencing a loss of our expectations, and we must do the work of grief.

We must allow ourselves to feel sad. We must admit that we are frightened. We must reach out and help those who are hurt and grieving also, as this will help our own fear and grief. This is a process. And as I was reminded by a wise friend this morning, it is a life long process. But we must not stay in that grief, we must embrace a new reality, which is in fact, the same reality that has been true all along. We are guaranteed nothing.

This is not to say that we should resign ourselves to helplessness and victimhood. We must not cower in a corner and be afraid to go out. We must examine the situation, and decide how we make ourselves and our children as safe as possible and learn to move forward with the information we have.

While we cannot predict or prepare for all catastrophic events, and there have been plenty lately, we can make choices about how we will move forward. Feeling out of control is a terribly disconcerting feeling, particularly if you focus on it. We must, instead, focus on what we can control: our thoughts, our attitude our actions.

We can focus on what we do have. We can focus on beauty. We can focus on the blessings we tend to take for granted. We can choose to walk in love, rather than fear. We can choose to be kind, rather than hateful and bitter. We can choose to validate the good when we see it. We can choose to appreciate those we love while we have them. We can choose to take care of the bodies we have while we can. We can choose to detach from the minutiae and the drama-du-jour and focus on where we want to go from here.

The best way to predict a future of joy, healthy relationships and enjoyable times is to embrace them now, cherishing and deepening the current moment. We must not dig our heels in and refuse joy out of fear of losing what we have; because the truth is, this moment is your life. There are no guarantees. But the blessings are many and they are surrounding you even now. Close your eyes and breathe in the beauty, even in the midst of such horror and grief. Then do one thing to contribute to the good. And you will have begun to make the world better, more beautiful and more safe.

Having said all that, my deepest prayers are with those who have been directly affected by the Las Vegas shooting, as well as those still suffering the effects of devastating hurricanes and earthquakes in recents weeks.

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