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As a psychotherapy center we teach our clients increase self-awareness, adopt a healthy lifestyle and let go of stress. A healthy body achieved though mindful eating and exercise helps maintain one’s mental health and positive outlook. A recent Harvard study says that the regular practice of yoga has been found to increase mindfulness, offer relief from depression, arthritis and cardiovascular disease, as well as stress reduction.

We would be delighted to refer you to a great local yoga teacher.


Wholeness begins with a strong sense of self, a connection to all that is and clarity about one’s true identity. This can be achieved through a regular practice of meditation and it’s why we recommend it to each of our clients. It can be a foreign concept to many, so we encourage our clients to learn about it, find a way of connecting that is totally comfortable to them and find a way to fit it into their lives.

Our Administrative Assistant, Steffie Foard, is also a Certified Meditation instructor. She holds monthly Intro to Meditation workshops and also offers individual instruction by appointment.


Massage is widely known to alleviate the aches and pains we sometimes experience, but it also enhances quality of sleep and helps relieve stress and depression. With our psychotherapy clients, we always recommend making self-care a priority. Knowing that when we take care of ourselves and respect our personal need for nurturing, we are better equipped to really make ourselves available in a healthy way to the other people in our lives.

We would be happy to recommend a good local massage therapist.

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