The second presidential debate is looming. We are all siting on the edge of our seats wondering what will happen? Will Donald Trump go down in a trail of smoke trying to defend his indefensible comments on tape? Will Hillary Clinton be able to defend her positions in the light of duplicitous emails that have been recovered after being deleted? Will there be any substantial content concerning the issues that we really want to hear about?

While these questions are burning in everyone’s mind, the bigger question is how will you respond? Will you be able to detach enough to hear clearly and discern truth? Will you be able to keep from reacting to those visceral feelings that will surely be elicited at some point. Will you be able to stay focused on what your true goals are as you duck all the mud slinging and distraction?

Here are a few pointers to listen with a discerning mind.

  1. Adopt a child like stance in which you are curious and eager to learn. If you think you have it all figured out already, you will find yourself rigidly defending your position, rather than learning anything.
  2. Take a deep breath and relax your mind and body throughout the whole debate.
  3. When you notice that you are triggered by something someone says and feel a strong negative emotion like anger, indignation, defensiveness, judgment, or hatred, take a step back and leave a space between the trigger and your response. In that space, ask yourself if you could possibly consider what is being said from another viewpoint.
  4. Ask yourself how you might feel differently if you actually liked and supported the person speaking?
  5. Consider allowing yourself the space to hear that still, small voice within you, even if it is at odds with what you have been thinking, or what the masses are thinking.
  6. Remember, you have everything within you, already, to hear with clarity and wisdom and make a wise choice.
  7. If you feel overwhelmed and confused, get up and step outside and breathe in some fresh air, or just walk around a bit during the commercials.

Wisdom already dwells in you. Listen for it. Give yourself the space and grace to hear what you really need to hear to make your best decision.


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