Honduras: Raising Future Leaders

In Honduras, an unstable government has played havoc with the children’s education.  Crime, lack of jobs and overall poverty sets the stage for children to fall through the cracks. 

Marianne Clyde with the children of Honduras

Marianne Clyde with the children of Honduras

I met the founders of World Resources Group many years ago and found that we had many things in common.  We cared about children and we agreed that the way to raise them above the rubble is to love them, mentor and  teach them how important they are.  We teach them that they can have a significant impact on their own future and the future of their country.

World Resources group has built community centers where the kids can go after school (or when school is not in session) and get help with school work, learn leadership and vocational skills.  The founders go to visit every month and mentor hand chosen teachers, hand chosen teen leaders and children from the various communities they work with.

I have been asked several times to come and train the teachers and speak to the leaders about leadership skills, as well as how to heal from trauma.  The kids have been through so much with their unstable families. We have watched kids recover from sexual abuse; we have watched kids adjust and grow in spite of teen pregnancy; we have watched kids die from lack of medical help, and overcome suicidal depression.  All the while these kids are nurtured by caring leaders, fed to prevent malnutrition and taught spiritual principles to strengthen them from the inside out.

We have been amazed through the years to watch these kids grow and teach other kids how to stand firm even in the face of:  schools constantly striking, people opposed to the work being done on their behalf, parents who want the kids to work to make $2 a day for the family instead of attending school, and corruption.
“Marianne came at a time when a young teen in our center had threatened to kill herself. Because of Marianne’s teaching that day and the prayer following the teaching, a troubled teen has grown into a happy young woman. She never threatened suicide again and this is a girl that had suffered serious depression for many years. What we learned from Marianne we continue to put into practice with great success.” 
Nelle Petit Smith, Co-founder of World Resources Group.